Home-grown remedy

Pepper and tomatoes need plenty of calcium to keep them healthy through the growing season. I usually plant mine with a mixture of crushed eggshells, sugar (for beneficial soil bacteria), and epsom salts (for magnesium). But this year I forgot!

The plants’re all starting to look a bit sallow. It could be all the attacks by bugs, it could be (most likely, actually) late tomato blight, or it could be a need for a booster shot of calcium. Well, at least one of those I can take care of.

Eggshells to the rescue!

These powdered eggshells usually go right back to the chickens in their feed as an organic calcium supplement; but we have plenty so these can help my tomatoes and peppers. The shells will soak in this water for 24 hours and then I will mix it with another gallon or two of water and give all the plants a good soaking. The excess shell bits will get scattered on the ground around their roots.

(Because the shells are powdered, I’ll have to stir them every so often to make sure they all get soaked; if I’d used whole eggshells I probably wouldn’t have to. Bleh.)

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