First cladding

I got the first bit of cladding done today.

Only the far left log is nailed in place; the others are all loose like puzzle pieces, getting moved and turned this way and that, to see which way they fit best before being trimmed and nailed in place.

My borrowed sawzall really helps trim up the sides of the split logs so they will fit together better. Nowhere near perfect, unfortunately; there are gaps big enough to slip my flat hand through. Oh well, I don’t have to live in it. (Though after today I was thinking really, really hard about the benefits of just plywooding the other three sides, lemme tell ya.)

It was mid-90s today, but I was so sure I’d get this side finished & raised into place that I went out anyway. But durn it all if I didn’t run out of cladding! Splitting another 20′ log in the muggy tropical heat is no fun at all, but I suppose if I ever want to get this thing finished, that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow… GRUMBLE.

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