I want a cat

SO MUCH. I whine about it all day long (poor Josh). It’s like a baby-substitute: I know we shouldn’t get one until after Christmas break, but I want one so badly it’s crazy.

Though it’d be neat to get a purebred (so we could choose whatpersonality it’d have, more or less), of course we’re going toget one from a shelter – I would feel terrible thinking about how whileI gave a home to a spoiled cat with tons of other possibilities, otherjust-as-loving cats were being euthanized at the shelter because theycouldn’t find a home.

Really, I’m looking for a cat just like my previous cat Ta’el (the elegant name I originally gave her became just “Tail” after a while) – because she’s so damn cool. She’s cuddly and as lazy as a rug – which is, actually, another of her nicknames – and she’ll sleep with you all night. She’s old, but still plays with cat toys, and though she can’t tolerate other cats, she adores me, talks to me all the time, follows me around, and is always trying to get on my lap.

I guess not only am I afraid of “betraying” her somewhat (I still keep hoping my mom will let me bring her over to my apartment), I’m afraid that any new kitten I get won’t be as cool as her – or really, just won’t cuddle as much. It’s a good possibility, too, because Tail’s really a wierd cat in how people-oriented she is, and it’s likely that another normal cat won’t love to snuggle. -sigh-

But despite all these concerns (and the fact that, with the $50/monthapartment fee, it’d cost $65/month to keep her), I can’t help wantingone! It will be really, really hard to go until the second week ofJanuary without one. I wish we could get one before – the shelter’sdoing an adoption show at PetCo on November 22. We could ostensibly getone then… we’re only away in December for one week. If we could get apet sitter…No, bad Diana! Bad! Must … refrain … maternal …instincts …

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