Day of Labor

I got a lot of work done on the shed over Labor Day; Josh agreed to watch SofĂ­a all day, so I came inside extra-sore but super-happy.

(The camera’s perspective makes it look a bit wonky; it’s not. All posts are plumb, square, and level.)

It is built good and strong. All four (Freecycled) posts are sunk 2′ in concrete. In addition to the metal rafter ties, each side of each rafter is stapled to the posts & beams with a diagonal 6″ stake. Joints like the one below are driven all the way through (in one side, through the other beam and out the second side) with more long stakes.

I know it is ugly rustic. I am a little disappointed in myself for not trying to be more perfect; using the rasp instead of the sawzall, for example, to finish the joint above. But I’m still proud of it and it will work just fine. And it’s a toolshed, for crying out loud!

There will be two more big 6×4″ posts flanking the door in front, but I have a long list of other stuff to do before I ever get to assemble that front wall and close in the shed.

  • Buy more concrete to raise all footers up just above ground level.
  • Install cross-bracing on rafters and wall corners.
  • Buy and install furring strips (battens) along the outside corners to cover gaps between posts and plywood. Also install across rafters for shingling.
  • Excavate shed floor down by at least 6″. Sieve gravel from up in pool beds and transport down to shed. Fill and level shed floor with gravel.
  • Cut that curved window shape out of a plywood triangle and fill in the back wall.
  • Trim rafters evenly at 1′ from walls (yay, sawzall!)
  • Decide whether to try and figure out how to use an old glass shower door I found as a skylight between rafters.
  • Buy and install wooden shingles.

Lots of work remains, but I got so much done that I’m feeling pleased regardless. The end is in sight!

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  1. Lauren Says:

    wowee! it looks great!

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