Butterfly day

SofĂ­a, do you want to go to the butterfly house today?

Oh yeah mommy! Oh yeah! Les go see buttewfwies, mommy!

It was a long, long way from the visitor’s center; she walked and ran and walked and ran and finally had me carry her the last hundred yards, and she was still wriggling and enthusiastic when we got there.

What a happy family day.

A few more pictures here.

One Response to “Butterfly day”

  1. Heidi Says:

    So sweet! I am so glad Sofia is being exposed to and liking all the extraneous stuff like fairs, butterflies, etc. It’s so neat to see things through her eyes, reliving the magic of your own childhood (I hope). I only wish I could be there to share that magic–it is really envigerating.(sp?)

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