ah… lust…

This iBook is what I want. I want, want, want. There’s no real needfor it, so I feel guilty about lusting over it, but it’s there, and I’mdrooling over it. It’d be *so nice* to be able to take it to class andtype notes on it, take it to the library when I read reserve articles,etc. And it’s been proven that I have bad karma with linux: even though Josh and I have exactly the same software, mine never works and is always coming up with all these crazy cranky problems, while his is perfect. -shrug- We’ve mindwiped it twice and still it’s a cranky old machine.

So an iBook’s not really necessary… but it sure is cute and new. At$1,000, I wonder how long it would take to save up for it once Josh getsa job…except, oh yeah, the first $200 we get have to buy me a newprinter, because mine broke. -sigh- After three years of simple-mindedplugging away at my hundreds of pages of documents. I had thought thatit was so cheap and simple that it couldn’t break.

I just wish I could sell my old computer first. But after all this whining about it, who would buy it?

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