Remember back in April when I told you I was trading a chicken coop for a dress? Well, I never got around to starting that dress, because we are both such busy people and the deadline wasn’t till mid-September, and then up in the air entirely. We weren’t sure what style to make it, how to put it together, colors, corset, yadda yadda… But now I have a set of instructions and a bolt or two of shimmery fabric, and we are set to go.

It’s not that I haven’t been working on the dress at all. I made a couple models of the recipient, one of duct tape (tight of course, for the corset) and another of plaster. I’ve spent many a 4-hour stretch down in the basement papier-macheing that plaster cast and watching really bad TV over Hulu. The idea was to make a papier mache cast of the inside of the plaster cast… but no matter how many layers I put on it never got really hard, and then it refused to release the plaster. I was damaging the form as I tugged and ripped, so I finally just threw my hands up in the air and used duct tape to bind the two halves of the plaster cast to each other. In order for the form not to add bulk and render a dress that’s too big, I tucked the sides into each other and pulled it together till it fit exactly the measurements I originally took of my recipient.

I slipped a hanger inside and hung it at the recipient’s height from the top of a lamp-stand that I had dumpster-dived for rescued and actually dragged with me through our move before I ever got around to refinishing it. Another year later, here it is finally getting used for what I rescued it for.

Not too pretty, huh? News flash: it turns out the one thing duct tape WON’T stick to is plaster. Sigh. That’s why I had to pull the tape all the way around.

Well, this seems like fun – and much more efficient than driving back and forth for fittings every couple days. The only problem I forsee is the corset, which is supposed to be comfortable but also supportive (snug), changing the waist measurements somewhat. I’ll keep you posted.

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