So when Josh gets a job…<Br>

Each month we’ve been spending more or less $600 more than our meager $1000/month budget. Once Josh gets a job, we’ll have hopefully another $4,000 a month. Horrors! How, you might ask yourself, will we find ways to continue spending beyond our means? I’ve thought of some ways…

The minute Josh gets a job, we’re going to buy:

  • A desk
  • A desk chair
  • A vacuum cleaner

And not only that, but we’re also going to start giving more money away for nothing:

  • Paying $50 more per month for the car
  • Paying $150 per month for my student loan
  • Putting most of it down into our House Fund
  • Putting some away (maybe $75/month) for the future purchase of my iBook… So I’ll be able to buy a top-of-the-line one in about thirty years…
  • Josh’s electric guitar.

So you can rest at ease. Even with a monstrous 40K annual salary to split between us, we will not rest until we have overspent it all.

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