Too many eggs

My girls have been busy.

I’m getting between four and six medium-sized eggs per day, which is more than we can (healthily) use. (They’re medium-sized right now, but will get bigger as the hens get older.) And this laying rate will probably keep right up until late Fall – hens don’t lay so frequently in winter – so in the mean time I am going to start offering them for sale!

Anyone interested in brown & blue medium-sized eggs from free-range, happy hens for $4/dozen? I might even have a dozen large-sized eggs for $5/dozen once in a while. Email me!

One Response to “Too many eggs”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Seriously though, could you get a couple of ice cube trays and freeze them?
    Never heard of it, never read about doing it, but something to look into…
    I wish we were closer. I would love some of your girls’ eggs.
    Maybe you could trade up: eggs for milk?, eggs for pavers?, eggs for tickets to the zoo, butterfly park, museum?…

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