Pleats please

I had been thinking I would do box pleats rather than regular pleats on the overskirt of my friend’s Renaissance Dress, but I decided to try draping both kinds to make sure. The box pleats are on your right, regular pleats on the left.

(Man, is it ever hard to take pictures of shiny fabric on a white model in an orange room!)

Here’s another picture more from the side so you can see the box pleat structure better.

It’s hard to tell without the underskirt in place, but I’m actually thinking the regular pleats may look better. Box pleats are more elegant and don’t create a flat place at the back where regular pleats must change direction, but regular pleats give more loft. But I wonder how much more loft it would have just by being placed over the underskirt? That would definitely help somewhat.

Lining the overskirt would provide more loft and structure too, but would also make it hotter (and outdoors festivals in Maryland in August get hot enough already, thank you!). I mean, we chose this fabric is because it’s so thin and breathable while looking decadent because of the gathers.

I guess the decision really depends on what kind of profile the recipient wants, which we won’t know till I’ve finished the underskirt and taken lots of pictures of different options. Looks like I have a lot of things to try out!

2 Responses to “Pleats please”

  1. Rose Says:

    I think the regular pleats are better. 😀

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That went totally over my head:) This is why your the expert!

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