Garage sale find

I found this a while ago, but I was making grilled cheeses for dinner last night (I know, but I was tired) and I realized how lucky I was to have it.

I found this for $3 at a garage sale back in May and have been so glad I bought it. The waffle irons inside are actually flat on the back so they can be flipped over to make paninis or waffles. It can also open out totally flat if you want, to be a pancake griddle. I use it way more than I had thought I would. The manual it comes with doesn’t have a date, but I estimate it’s from the 50’s or early 60s based on the condition and font and style – and the whole thing still works perfectly!

There was other stuff there too that I keep thinking I wish I’d bought, like a hand-cranked mixer and a food scale that my friend snatched up – well I actually “bought” it for her with money I owed her, and later mourned (and still mourn) the “loss” of that scale! I wish I’d totally loaded up on all that stuff, but I was feeling poor. A lesson for next time!

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