Little princess

Sofía is such a girl.

We certainly haven’t been pushing girly stuff at her, so it’s interesting to see how she naturally gravitates to things sparkly and frilly anyway. I mean, she’s only two, there is no Disney in this house, and she’s never seen or worn a princess dress before – but she loves it like she was born to it.

We borrowed a princess outfit from a friend for a special party we’re going to, and it’s all she wants to wear. She asks for it every single day and prances around for hours in the entire outfit. She asks for the crown, the wand, and even totters around in the little high-heeled shoes.

Now that I know that she’s so interested in playing dress-up, I bought a cute little wall-mounted coat rack at a consignment sale last weekend. It’ll go on her wall or inside her closet so she can have a special place to hang all her future costumes; I’ll be sure and hang it low so she can get to them all by herself.

Personally, I couldn’t be happier that she’s turning out girly. I’m going to make her all kinds of play clothes, and we’re going to have so much fun!

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  1. debbie swickard Says:

    My sister and I loved to play dress up when we were little, so my grandmother went to Goodwill and purchased 4 or 5 used prom dresses with lots of frills and netting for about a dime each (we are talking MANY years ago…). She washed the dresses, put them in a steamer trunk in her basement along with some dimestore jewelry (beaded necklaces that looked like strings of pearls, clip earrings, and even a little tiara or two that she found at Goodwill — back in those days, all the girls wore tiaras to the proms). We gleefully ran to basement every time we went to her house, and we played dressup for hours on end. Our little friends would come over with us and we’d have princess tea parties. There are so many places you can buy inexpensive jewelry and additional play clothes for her. We didn’t care that the dresses were too big. We were BEAUTIFUL!!! And because the dresses were big, we used those same dresses for years!

  2. diana Says:

    Oh that sounds like so much fun! I’m totally going to have to go to Goodwill one of these days!

  3. Heidi Says:

    let’s go to Goodwill when we come to visit…I remember that I used to find “gems in the making” at Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill for your Halloween (and after) pleasure. And with your ability to see beyond the reject in the hand to the beautiful dress you will make from it–see the blue&white dress earlier in the blog–Sofia will be the most spoiled loved,best dressed little Princess ever.

  4. diana Says:

    Yeah! It’s a plan!

  5. Katie Says:

    Just catching up on your blog tonight, and hey! I see Grover and Elmo. :-) :-)

  6. diana Says:

    I wondered if you’d notice those guys in there! 😀

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