Finished freezer

Back in August I told y’all I had picked up a chest freezer off Freecycle.  I was happy – but man, was it ever beat up. Still, with lots of patience, a can of spray enamel, construction adhesive, and a whole lot of elbow grease, I got it to where I want it. That baby’s mine now.





It’s got a couple dents and the lid isn’t going to last for too many more years, but it runs just fine. I can keep it at 0F at just a setting of 3 on a scale of 10 – wow! Maybe if I turned it all the way cold I could make my own freeze-dried ice cream inside. -grin-

Now if only I can figure out some better way to store things in it than just chucking them all in on top of each other. Cubbies? Shelves?

I was even thinking of painting the top of the freezer with chalkboard paint to keep a running list of the stuff inside!

2 Responses to “Finished freezer”

  1. debbie swickard Says:

    Nice Job!!!! you rock, woman!!!

  2. Heidi Says:

    Your talent amazes me.

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