Boo hoo…

I finally got my lazy butt online last night to learn, to my chagrin, that it’s impossible to purchase tickets to SNL. You have to send an email – ONLY during the month of August – and be entered in a lottery. Either that, or stand in line “no later than 7am” to get standby tickets the day of the show… and they don’t guarantee seating. No thanks, man. :/ So for now, my dear ambitions of seeing Maya, Tina and Jimmy in person on my birthday must hold themselves in check until next August… when I will resort to all sorts of nefarious friend-wrangling to geteveryone I know to submit an email (for me, of course, because you’reonly allowed one email per person) to enter the lottery. BWAH-HA-HA.

Until then, I will just stare avariciously at the TV screen everySaturday night and eat snack to my heart’s content. Hey, at least thatway I can excuse a 1/2 pint of way-overpriced ice cream for myself oncea week. :)

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