Her own little closet

I picked up a cute little coat rack at the consignment sale this past weekend. I installed it on Tuesday, just three nights after I bought it. Not bad.

It’s the beginning of Sofía’s closet dress-up nook, nice and low-down so she can reach it by herself. It took her a few tries to get her (borrowed) princess dress draped on it, but she’ll get the hang (har, har) of it soon enough.

My mama used to sew me a brand-new, different-themed little rabbit every Easter; along the same lines I’m thinking about making Sofía a new super-fancy dress every Christmas, or maybe for her birthday (I know I could make it for Halloween instead, but then she’d be a princess every year… she’d probably rather be something else at some point right?) What fun it is to invent new family traditions together! I’m sure eventually this little coat rack will be absolutely laden.

She was really way more excited than I had thought she would be. Yay for mommy! (Pardon the sleepy-eyed bedtime photo).

Maybe a good winter project would be to build her matching shoe and wand cubbies on the other side.

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  1. heidi Says:

    She is such a lucky girl…

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