Ready for a really delicious dessert? I may have just found a new favorite: chocolate-dipped homemade marshmallows. No wait, really – they’re so easy. But they look exciting and complicated… and the combination of dark bitter chocolate with fluffy, moist vanilla marshmallow is truly outstanding.

First, use this recipe here (I love me some Alton Brown) to make homemade marshmallows. Except where he mixes cornstarch and powdered sugar – don’t. Just use powdered sugar (the cornstarch gives them a yucky mouthfeel and powdered sugar has cornstarch in it already), but be extra-generous with it. And use a tablespoon vanilla, not a teaspoon.

Gelatin in a stand mixer, corn syrup/water/sugar bubbling in a pan, and 12 minutes later you’re done. Almost. Be sure every surface of your pan of marshmallow goo is smothered in powdered sugar, and let it set overnight.

The next night, if you’ve powdered the pan enough, the mallow-mass will just fall right out when overturned. Use a greased pizza-wheel to slice it in half lengthwise and then cut it into fingers like I did above… or a greased cookie-cutter to cut out shapes, or cut them into squares, or whatever. Toss all the newly-sticky surfaces in powdered sugar and then beat them lightly to get the extra off.

Nuke your bittersweet chocolate chips – about half a bag – in a bowl. If you want smoother, thinner, richer chocolate add a tablespoon or two of butter or cream, but be aware that then your chocolate will not stay hard at room temperature and so you will have to store these in the fridge.

Do one minute at a time at half power and stir well each time. Two or three times ought to get it smooth and melted.

Dip your marshmallows. Leave a “handle” because it’s practical and pretty and alerts people to the awesomeness that they’re about to consume. Also because bittersweet chocolate is pretty darn powerful and you want a nice balance. Besides, homemade marshmallows are way better than storebought and deserve to shine a little on their own.

Place the choco-mallows (why yes I did just invent that term, how kind of you to notice) on greased wax paper. Not on a cookie rack like I did, unless you want to weep when you try to serve them and the bottom rips off.

They were still delicious.

Place them in the fridge to set. If you used straight chocolate chips you can then store them at room temperature for quite a while, but I think the brittleness that the chocolate gets in the fridge is a good contrast to the softness of the marshmallow.

Oh yum. I’m going to go have my fourth tonight another.

One Response to “Choco-mallows”

  1. heidi Says:

    wow, you are the chocogoodnessgoddess—see I can do it too…
    They look so simple. just wish they weren’t candy…

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