Bridal dress redo, Part 3

See part 1 here.

The re-fashioning of the bridal dress continues. I’ve finished the underskirt and begun work on the bodice.

Here’s the underskirt, inside out so I could pin the waistband for hand finishing.

I love the little train I left on it after raising it a few inches. We’ll see if the recipient likes it too, or if that’s too fancy-pantsy.

And here’s the duct-tape-dummy-style corset I made as a pattern – I literally wrapped her in duct tape and then cut it off. It ought to result in a perfect fit with just a few adjustments.

I’ve put together two very basic drafts for our first fitting session, one with a straight front (more historically accurately Renaissance) and one with a curved S-front that might provide more support and a curvier line.

2 Responses to “Bridal dress redo, Part 3”

  1. Ann Says:

    Brilliant use of duct tape!!!

  2. diana Says:

    Thanks hon! I wish I could say it was my own idea! :)

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