Pretty little purse

So along with making the cake for that birthday party this weekend, I couldn’t wait to show you what I made for the little girl as a present.

Because I was so involved in making the cake itself – three batches of homemade fondant, for crying out loud – I completely forgot that, duh, I should probably bring an actual present to the party as well!

What to do? I don’t like to frequent big-box stores, and I have no idea what’s trendy to buy for kids anyway. The theme was “princess” which narrowed it down, but I was sure that anything I chose would be a duplicate of something someone else would bring. The solution: bring something no one else could bring, something homemade. The little girl is so sweet she totally deserves it, besides.

I thought right away of my big box of gorgeous silk scraps in a million colors from a designer wedding boutique (thanks Kori!) and some faux pearls from the wedding dress I’m currently refashioning (thanks Erin!). What could be better for a girly little girl than a shimmering purse made from real wedding dresses?

Sofía helped me pick out the fabric colors (well, sort of) and then I began. I used a DVD case as my width guide. I cut the fabric into strips of various thicknesses, and then sewed them all together.

Before putting on the applique, I took advantage of all the various decorative stitches on my machine to dress it up a little.

I added the pearls and the lining, slipped some boning into the handles, and voila!

Not bad for something completely recycled, huh? :) Now – as long as I have a few hours at my disposal – I’ll never be stuck for a little girl’s birthday present again.

3 Responses to “Pretty little purse”

  1. Rose Says:

    Oooooh! Preeeetty! (Suddenly I wish I were 3 again…) 😆

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LOL I looked at it and said hmmmm I wonder if those are my “pearls”? Great job reusing hun that’s what it’s all about. All the other toys/gifts are not unique, any little girl would have them, now she has something special that was kind to the earth as well.

  3. diana Says:

    So glad you both liked it. It was hard to give away – the big “H” on it made it easier. I was so proud of myself and they loved it too. Next time I see them I ought to make sure and mention to them that it was made from REAL wedding dresses, as the party was so packed we couldn’t talk while they were opening presents. I think H will get a big kick out of that.

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