Olivas, part 2

After talking it over with Josh, I decided to lye-cure about 1/3 of my olives. Yes, lye is scary and not remotely organic (at least the store-bought kind isn’t). But also I had to keep in mind that not only was it an exceptionally mild solution (followed by about 16 water changes over 4 days) but that it was a centuries-old technique for curing foods – hominy for instance – that may have originated with Native Americans. Plus, I was sure to have olives ready for Christmas rather than, say, next Fourth of July.

Mostly I was convinced by people saying that lye-cured olives had a “buttery” flavor. Butter gets me every time.

So the lye-cured olives were soft and nommable (but not particularly flavorful) within 4-5 days, and today I started their brining.

Oooh, pretty! (I’m kind of proud of this picture, actually; I might use photo paper more often.)

Lemons, peppercorns, bay leaves, home-grown rosemary, thyme, and oregano… garlic, kosher salt, vinegar… I can’t wait to taste these. I’m not exactly sure when they’ll be ready though. I do know that I’ll probably have to change the brine a few times before Christmas – these jars are left loosely covered and let ferment and pickle mostly on their own. Kind of like the lacto-fermented pickles I did (which were delicious, by the way).
I wonder if I could can them, though? If I could, it would mean I could ship them to friends out of state! Maybe the week before Christmas I could just pop them in the water bath canner and seal them up… or would the heat would ruin the olives? Commercial olive canners have to do it somehow, right?

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  1. debbie swickard Says:

    Test the process on one small jar so that if it doesn’t work to your satisfaction, you haven’t lost much…. Good luck!

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