Saturday at the petting farm

Fall has arrived, and with it the seasonal farm-animal petting zoo that is becoming an annual tradition.

Running towards pumpkins – I tried to edit a Wyeth-like sensibility into it.

The weather was perfect – a beautiful opportunity for a family day together.

We went for a hayride.

Once again, SofĂ­a would not milk the cow.

Baby lambs.

Pack animals.

A few minutes into the chicken pen, people started calling me “The Chicken Whisperer.”

We each got to pick out a pumpkin…

…and then went home for a good long nap.

3 Responses to “Saturday at the petting farm”

  1. debbie swickard Says:


  2. heidi Says:

    what fun! the young life pumpkin farm was never THIS good.So glad you are starting all the family traditions. Sofia will remember next year about this time…and want to go again.
    Will she get to carve a pumpkin? Maybe a good set of markers…

  3. heidi Says:

    P.S. loved the quip about “pack animals”.

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