Little letters

SofĂ­a’s been really into her letters these past couple of weeks, enough that I thought it merited a sort of “milestone” post. Y’all know she’s always been good with them; I mean she could recite the whole alphabet since she was 13-14 months old. But aside from grouping together all the alphabet fridge magnets by color (she is so the child of my heart – she even asks me to go back and close drawers that only got halfway closed when she watches me putting away dishes) she’s shown no inclination to understand that letters are clues to something larger than themselves.

But now she seems to be edging in that direction more and more. She’s starting to understand that she can make the letters, not just identify them in books and street signs. She drew a circle the other day and called it an “oh” instead of “circle”. A few days ago on the changing table she suddenly crossed her legs and squealed “Daddy, it’s an X!” I thought it was a fluke but she seems to have made a real leap because she began forming other letters too: A, O, I, and (yes of course) V.

Just now as I was putting her down for her nap she did the X thing and then said “Is X for Mommy, mama?” I said no, MMM is for Mommy (exaggerating all the M sounds so she would hear them) and she piped up with “And L is for Love! L-O-V!”

Be still my heart.

I know she’s seen the word LOVE before – it’s on a shirt of hers and I have spelled it out probably at least once this past month. But to remember three of its letters, in the correct order, and to “get” the representative “L-is-for” concept? I never taught her that.

Her daddy was reading at age 2. Maybe she’s the child of his heart too.

2 Responses to “Little letters”

  1. debbie swickard Says:

    How precious!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Aren’t they amazing! I love seeing my kids do things and being blown away at what they come up with! N unbeknown to me has nearly finished Little House on the Prairie! I knew he was reading small chapter books but thats a grade 4 reading level book! Sofia is a smart little cookie, one day they will be discussing some literary masterpiece together…like a month from now;)

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