We pulled up the first of the peanut plants to see what was going on underneath. The leaves have been starting to yellow on some of them, but I wasn’t really sure when to harvest. After all, this was mostly an experiment to share with SofĂ­a.

We picked the scrawniest plant to minimize loss if we were too early (we were). It had one fully formed peanut and several other nodes that hadn’t developed their shells all the way yet.

Kind of creepy to see a peanut hanging off the bottom of a plant!

3 Responses to “Peanuts”

  1. heidi Says:

    oh nuts!
    no I don’t know when to harvest them. did you replant it?

  2. heidi Says:

    looked on the internet: pick before hard freeze. (duh?) and after the leaves turn yellow. DON’T LEAVE IN THE GROUND TOO LONG after the leaves turn yellow or the peanuts will drop off the stems and you will never find them in the ground.LET THEM AIR DRY (weather permitting or in the garage) a few days and the peanuts will release off the plants easier. (as in the ground above)
    If the peanuts are harvested green (they will actually look white (mature peanuts get darker and become almost black).If immature, you can still use them in a Southern recipe–Boiled and with spices. ( Recipes do not seem to say if boiled in the shell or not.)so don’t worry if your crop is harvested too early. The boiled peanuts are said to be reminiscent of edame. I forgot to check if they can be given to the chickens…
    your personal research assistant :)

  3. diana Says:

    Thanks mama – I figured they were probably similar to potatoes that way. Some of them are already nearly dead on top, so we harvested those today and got a couple more peanuts. They were mostly there to fix nitrogen in teh soil, so any peanuts are an extra plus.

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