Just Dreamy.

The weather looks like it will finally break in a couple days – it just has to! It’s almost May! – and my Daydream tulips are perking up again.

The Daydream tulips are probably my favorite tulip; they open a pale butter yellow and slowly tinge themselves apricot and tangerine.

The 5 I planted three years ago are now nearly 30, and so beautiful to see nodding above exuberant clusters of volunteer violets.

One Response to “Just Dreamy.”

  1. Ann Says:

    I am pretty sure it’s a weed :( it is pretty though—but if it’s already got huge long root systems, grows fast and their are thickets of it already…you gotta get it out of there.

    One good organic way to get rid of weeds is super-saturated salt water. the salt draws the water out of the weed. it will eventually shrivel and die, and then you can pull out the roots more easily. But you’ll have to be careful with how you apply the salt water, since you want the plants around it to grow. It might just be easier to take a big can of salt to the garden with you, pour it DIRECTLY onto/around the stems and then water it. make sense?

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