Precursor to writing and reading?

These past few days SofĂ­a has been more interested in the refrigerator letter magnets – the 10 or so that are left from our original set of 52 or so. She’s been arranging them into linear globs and then asking me “What does that spell, mommy?” This morning’s word is P7GAAU. (The L was upside down).

We were talking about Grandpa Dave and I told her – just once! – how to spell it. She managed to get a D-A-L (L positioned sideways like a V) up there before getting frustrated and dashing them off onto the floor and yelling and kicking and running off wailing down the hallway. Sigh.

She’s also started pointing at words on magazines, signs, and books and asking what they spell.

Can we really already be this close at just 27 months? Or am I reading too much into it? In any case, it’s probably long overdue to heave the fridge out from the wall and forage for the other 42 letters.

3 Responses to “Precursor to writing and reading?”

  1. Heidi Says:

    she is one amazing kid–so great to read about her latest exploits.
    If you do heave the fridge from the wall, be prepared for major dustbunnies if it has been awhiile since it was cleaned back there.
    maybe best to heave while she is in bed…
    otherwise, don’t buy new magnets. I have a pattern for cloth letters on magnet board we could get the ingredients for and make with her while we are there…let me know and I will pack it. (P.s. that way we can make more words with double letters, etc. and make them as big as she wants.)
    she is sure one scarey kid–so many leaps in so short a time…obviously you have worked with her and not stunted her verbally. Congratulations . Just make sure you don’t write anything down you don’t want her to know…
    Is she this good with numbers? I think there is a pattern for number magnets too.

  2. diana Says:

    Hey mama, she is very good with numbers! She can count to sixteen, and up to five or six in Spanish too. I think cloth magnets of all sorts would be wonderful!

  3. Heidi Says:

    will find the patterns…

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