The little devil.

Does anyone know what this is? (Click for a larger view). It has silvery, deeply cut leaves reminiscent of a chrysanthemum, but my gardening partners swear it’s a weed (the loooooong root/runner does attest to some potential evilness, I have to admit).

It’s a pity, because it’s so pretty that I’d like to leave it be in the walkpaths and such (translation: it’s already established in thickets and I’m trying to find excuses not to have to remove it). But if it turns out to be a really – ahem – bad seed, then out it must go.

So… any ideas?

2 Responses to “The little devil.”

  1. Mike Says:


  2. Ann Says:

    ok, so i just posted a comment for you about THIS entry, but somehow I accidentally posted it under your daydream lilies! Sorry! go read that entry on how to get rid of this beautiful weed:)

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