Back to business.

My parents, who were here for two weeks (hence the long silence from me, sorry!) have arrived back home – so it’s back to business as usual. Jobs and demands and deadlines and cranky bosses and daily life. -sigh-.

It was a wonderful vacation while it lasted: a trip of a few days to Colonial Williamsburg, visits to many local gardens, and, best of all whenever there was spare time, free labor in the Patch! See, my parents are both gardeners too (I had to get it from somewhere, didn’t I? -grin-) So they took one look around and settled right in to work getting things whipped up ship-shape. When I asked what they’d rather do on their last day – the American History Smithsonian, a trip to the National Arboretum’s outstanding Bonsai collection, or what, they elected to work in the Patch instead. Incredible.

It’s just amazing how much work three people can accomplish… well, I guess not really amazing per se, but certainly notable. Suddenly all the weeds were gone from my paths and beds. Suddenly my little greenhouse, built from recycled plexiglass, studs, gorilla glue and stubborness, was all assembled and bolted together. Suddenly there were layers of newspaper down on the paths with leaves laid thickly over them, twenty tomatoes planted in a beautifully tilled and flattened bed, the edging irises liberated from their strangling bed of weeds and blooming beautifully, and all of this in 1/3 the time it would have taken me on my own.

It’s only been a couple days since they’ve left. The tomatoes are neat in their rows, the weeds docile. I look around my garden as proud as any mother – finally it’s as neat and clean as all the plots around it.  Aaaaaah. And my parents didn’t believe that I would miss them. :)

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