Calorie crop

I dug up about 4sf of the sweet potato bed on Wednesday, to see if there was anything at all going on down there. Turns out, there was.

Hooray for the homesteaders, just because you’re nearly out of potatoes doesn’t mean you have nothing to eat all winter!

Those black dots are eyes, not worm holes; this is the only crop I’ve harvested all year that seems untouched by pests! I got nearly two pounds out of 4 square feet, but they are so small they obviously need more time. I’ll leave them be, but they better hurry up because there’s only a few weeks left before first frost!

These, I tossed with olive oil and kosher salt and roasted. They were not too sweet – more like a cross between a potato and carrot, or like the yucca I tried in Puerto Rico – but oh, so creamy and meltingly tender. I was not disappointed, but I will definitely wait for the rest of the crop as long as I can.

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