Oh, tomatoes

Canning season is nearly over here in Maryland. I’ve got a few cans’ worth of green tomatoes left to do, and I could go buy more apples for applesauce if I felt like it, but it is a relief to be nearly finished with late nights and boiling water. (Though the sheer satisfaction of putting up good food for the winter makes those late nights mostly worth the trouble.) This year, if we go through another four-day-snowed-in-power-outage we won’t need to worry about groceries one bit. That makes me feel good.

I canned almost all of the remaining tomatoes a few nights ago.

The red ones became six cups of Grandma Young’s spiced tomato jam, and the green ones rendered five jars of salsa verde and five jars of diced green tomatoes (because of how much we all adored the awesome chicken tortilla soup I whipped up earlier this summer).

Thinking of eating that spicy, summery soup in the gray of winter is enough motivation to get me canning the few green tomatoes that still remain… especially if it’s for the last time.

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  1. Heidi Says:

    How do you can the tomatoes? I have only been using my spaghetti pot as a water bath and don’t know how to put them up, other than Grandma’s tomato jam. Help–maybe an e-mail.

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