It’s all in the details – Bridal dress redo part 6

Part 5 here.

Today and tomorrow are sew-all-day Dress Days, as I struggle to get the bridal dress done for Halloween. It’s an arbitrary deadline, but – in spite of how much fun I’m having – I’d sure like to get this all off my plate.

Today I got a good 6 hours in, and it was all about the details.

Grommets, grommets, and more grommets.

See the handmade matching bias tape at the bottom? Details, folks.

Gown and overskirt are finally fully constructed and awaiting embellishment.

Different colored hardware for different colored fabrics.

Pearls, pearls, pearls. I have spent the past three evenings on pearls. They pop out of my fingers and bounce all over and my cats chase them away. I was so bored with pearls I even watched Waterworld while stringing them. I am no longer a fan of pearls.

They do look nice, though.

There are still so many things to get done – sewing in hidden rings for optional raising of the train (when the dress is worn with overskirt for Ren Fest) or lowering (when worn as a gown). Ironing the yuuuge underskirt – for which I will first have to clean the iron. Making a back placket for inside the bodice lacing to hide the gap – it will have to be boned separately or it will crinkle. Shoulder rolls to Ren up the bodice – detachable for those non-17th century occasions. And the overskirt is completely unembellished as of yet. I have lots of pearls left, but so little time.

So much to do, and only two days left!

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  1. Heidi Says:

    gorgeous and soooo much work–you are so talented.

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