Whirled peas.

I just realized that after whining and complaining that I thought I had killed off all my peas, I completely forgot to tell you when the things actually came up and started to flourish.

Well, they did! :) Not nearly five hundred of them… I do believe that they got frosted to death after being nursed and coddled at home for so long. It’s also possible that I kept them in the wet for too long (trying to germinate them) and actually killed some of them instead… I won’t make that mistake again!

In any case, we got enough to have a few dinners with sides of garden-fresh peas. There’s nothing quite like a fresh pea for a burst of amazing flavor; they taste nothing like frozen peas, and even less than the putrid sludge called canned peas. We never cooked them at all because they were so delicious raw: crisp and sweet. (And we are not big raw vegetable fans, so that means a lot).

If fresh-picked tomatoes are the taste of summer, hot and tangy red… then these, cool, watery, green… these will always be the taste of Spring for me.

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  1. songspinr Says:

    hi, it’s me, (mama). so you have another baby “oliver”. looks to be young (maybe less than a year or is that just the photos. sounds darling–i see another garden shed coming up–a kittie rain shelter complete with bedding…
    looks really soft and purry. don’t feed him too well if you want hunting done…and do think about what will happen if you leave the plot unattended for a time (vacation?). i know, you’d like to domesticate him somewhat, even if you never take him home, but think about what it would be for him if you don’t come there for a time. if really concerned, you could put up posters to see if anyone turns up and claims him, or maybe you’d prefer to let it play out…decide before winter, though…
    Remember “peanut butter” the stray that came to our house here every time we came here to work on the house before we moved in and would scarf up all our leftovers because we didn’t have a working refrigerator. she (a calico) was great with you but disappeared a short time after we moved in and brought pedro and tia here. i had looked forward to being her full-time “mom” once we moved in. yes, i do regret “losing”her, but maybe her owner came back or something.
    yum, fresh peas…love them raw, but marvin prefers them cooked! what a waste.
    well, now i know where all your letters are going…
    keep writing, i love to watch your garden grow.
    ps. regards to John Henry.

  2. songspinr Says:


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