Newest project.

I’ve finally been seduced into taking a knitting class. I couldn’t resist the hapless cries of my favorite knitting store: “Help! Help! We need another registrant or this sock class can’t run!” (Insert pun here about stockings and running.)

It’s a sock knitting class, which I’ve been very interested in learning how to do ever since I visited the Yarn Harlot’s blog; in which the travelling sock plays an ever-prominent role. I convinced a friend to enroll along with me, and -voila!- I had transportation.

I feel a new addiction coming on. Socks are so quick, so easy, so useful… and so cheap! (you can knit a pair from just one skein!) All the times I held myself back from buying something because I would need ten skeins of it to make anything useful, well… now I can experiment with new yarns to my heart’s content.

The instructor had us start with worsted weight wool, so I may not get to actually wear these socks until cooler weather sets in… but Edna at the store was telling me that they’re getting in a shipment of a cotton/lycra blend that will be perfect for summer. And they’ve got yarn made of bamboo, which is wonderfully wicking, and corn husks, which uses up byproducts which would otherwise go into a landfill (the bamboo yarn feels like silk and has a real sheen to it; the corn feels like cotton, but airier). Of course there are hemp yarns too (we mustn’t leave out the hippies). They even have yarns made from soy and kelp, and hand-dyed in beautiful shades of blues and purples and greens, or roses and peaches and apricots. And now that I’m learning how to do socks, I have an excuse to buy a skein of each one and experiment with it.

Yarn lust has claimed another victim. My poor pocketbook. -grin-

2 Responses to “Newest project.”

  1. Aaron M Says:

    Project ideas. 😉

  2. songspinr Says:

    wow, werable bamboo—we had considered the ikea bamboo flooring for the kitchen, still do as a matter of fact.
    Know all about (fabric) addiction. almost succumbed to the yarn thing at the wool festival–so many colors, so many soft things…
    So great to see the soft shades you got there worked up into a beautiful summer sleeveless sweater. good for you to figure out how to do all that stuff…you are truely fearless.
    love, mama

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