Free Bird(s)

With my food crops all tucked in and protected under their winter row-cover blankets, I figured it was time to let the chickens back out from their habitual little paddock into the great wide farm garden!

Here they come, looking for treats and rubs.

They are just as obnoxious as I remembered, preferring to tear the dickens out of a carefully green-manured plot rather than go peck at some random weeds.

Still, I tell myself, everything I really care about is under cover. In the mean time they will help clean up the garden, eat stray weed seeds, manure the beds (and paths, and visiting children) and forage for their own supper which means I have to buy less feed and get better eggs in return.

Hooray for orange eggs!

And it makes them so happy. What other little flock of 6 has 5000 sf of freedom?

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