Eye in the sky

Google just updated its satellite images! And you can see our farm from SPACE!

What was this a year ago…

Is now this:

And it looks a leeeeeeettle bit crazy!

When we made the Fiddlehead, I had thought it would be nearly circular, just a bit oval. I pictured long, gracefully looping curves.

But I’m reminded more of Tintagel’s gimpy, snaggletoothed cousin! -laugh-

I still love it, and honestly how much time am I going to spend looking down at it from space? It’ll look great when everything’s finished, and Google updates their satellite images again five-ten years from now.

In the mean time, this image will be really useful in helping me plan out how to divide the rest of the farm.

4 Responses to “Eye in the sky”

  1. Rose Says:


  2. Erin Says:

    Now I have to go check mine!!!

  3. heidi Says:

    wow! no even you can see how much you have accomplished.
    Hundreds of years from now, aliens will look at your crop circles and wonder what ancient civilization built this and what was the significance of those particular shapes…

  4. heidi Says:

    actually, the new picture looks like a Mayan sitting figure upside-down (head toward the bottom of the picture).

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