Never Mind the Armpits.

Here’s my latest project:

It’s the one that was saved in the nick of time by my learning how to actually pick up stitches right. See the finishing on those armholes? Gaw-jus.

It’s a handpainted wool/viscose blend from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. The yarn is light enough that it’s surprisingly cool, and the viscose gives it a nice sheen. I’m not crazy about how the colors ended up striping where I was knitting with circular needles (you can see that above where it splits for the arms, where I had to go back and forth instead of around and around, the color pattern changed), but it’s not too bad.

It’s about a sock or laceweight yarn. In fact, it’s so thin that there was no way I was going to achieve gauge on the pattern I’d chosen, even if I went down to size 0 needles. (And who wants to knit an entire top – or anything, for that matter – on size 0?) So I had to knit a swatch and then work out the ratio of stitches to the inch. I ended up knitting a pattern size XXL to finally achieve a size M. That’s right. I never knew – up to the moment I tried it on – if “ratioing” the stitch count like that would work.

Thank goodness.

One Response to “Never Mind the Armpits.”

  1. songspinr Says:

    so glad you are using that delicious wool from the fest. beautiful work. keep it up.

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