November leaves

Fall is here!

I have to say I’m loving our electric leaf blower/vacuum mulcher a whole lot. Josh sucks up all the leaf piles and the machine mulches them into tiny bits. Josh then dumps wheelbarrowloads of lovely leaf mulch down in the swampy area where they’ll be put to good use. It’s not a terribly efficient system for large areas, but it works just fine for our small back yard and the pool area. For the expanses of lawn we’ll probably have to get out our mower.

But in the mean time, Sofía sure does love those leaf piles!

7 Responses to “November leaves”

  1. debbie swickard Says:

    Oh what wonderful memories you are giving that child!

  2. L! Says:

    Enjoy those dry leaves! Our’s are soaking wet with snails and worms 😛

    We just got a leaf blower/eater too, but mulching them doesn’t work so well with our massive maple leaves when wet.

  3. Amber Says:

    OMG. That first picture. Sofia is insanely gorgeous. I showed it to Arlo and was “OMG DOES’T SHE LOOK LIKE A SUPER MODEL?!?!”

  4. Amber Says:

    …..and again. I send it before I intended to. *sigh*

    Arlo said “No, she’s a really cute little kid.” And I was “No! Look at her! She’s BEAUTIFUL! Like, in adult, simply gorgeous! Look! AH! STUNNING!!!! Look at the ‘Oh!’ smile!” and he’s like, “Yes, she is really pretty; but she’s not an adult- you’re crazy.”

    I don’t know. That first one looks so much more mature than her age. Oh! That makes me want to have a baby so he can grow up and marry her. Oh. Beautiful. *hugs*

    -Amber (I want to feed your daughter three foot tall cupcakes so she’ll love me.)

  5. diana Says:

    Oh sweetie you sure know the way to get straight to my heart! (As if you weren’t there already, -smooch-) I do so wish we could see each other some time – ever thought of coming to see DC? 😀

  6. Amber Says:

    *just notices that Josh has a totoro shirt*

    Adopt me.

    Ya know- I had every intention of coming out during “harvest season” to visit and help you…. but we never got to a harvest season around here- so it never occured to me. (NO ONE got a ripe tomato- wtf?!) Soooo…. maybe I can come out when you’re planting things, and help with that? I’ll need to take naps, and sleep in, but during the five daylight hours I’m awake- I will work my patooters off for you. : D

  7. diana Says:

    Oh honey I would LOVE to see you! And your help would be welcomed but you certainly don’t have to! But if you can come, DO! Both of you! Oh I’m so excited you might come!

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