Getting back to work

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about the little tool shed, and for a good reason – once I got the roof on, the shed has taken back seat to everything else. I mean, I had a dry place to stash my long-handled tools – so what if it didn’t have shelves, or tool hooks, or… a front?

Til now.

With the Fall cleanup as finished as it’s going to get and the winter planting done, it’s tool cleanup time … if only I had a place to store them afterwards. I spent the last few days planting the front beam and cutting the plywood panels for the front side and door. I got them painted today.

Tomorrow, if I have time, I’ll go make sure they fit… then I can start attaching the white trim and hinges. And then, oh boy, I’ll have a real, four-sided shed!

Why does the last 10% of a project always take 90% of the time? I mean I know I’m a serial procrastinator, but seriously, I started this project back in July and I’ll be lucky to finish before December!

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