Candlestick maker

I found an old bag full of broken candles in one of my recent basement-and-garage-cleaning-spurts. I got pretty excited because I instantly made plans for those suckers.

Yeah, I know we’ve been here for a year and I’m still finding hidden stashes of old stuff we didn’t know was in there. (I found a box of crusty old (antique?) odd-shaped bottles just a few days ago.) I have no excuse – but at least I keep up with the vacuuming. Whew, tangent. I can sense my next project percolating.

Anyway, I figured I’d keep these candles, broken and chipped and basement-smelling as they were. See, around this time of year I get to itching for holiday-scented candles. If my better judgement doesn’t reign me in, I will buy so many pine/peppermint/pumpkin/cinnamon candles that our whole house begins to smell like a tawdry Santa’s boudoir. Bath&Bodyworks loves me.

Until now. Now, I had ideas. I was going to self-sufficientize my need for fragrant holiday luminaries. So when I put in my order for all those lotion oils, I added a couple 1 oz vials of fragrances to the order as well – pumpkin spice and an apple-cinnamon scent.

So with a bunch of old basement candles…

And a bunch of old basement jars…

We got to work melting, wicking, and pouring. I used Josh’s old coffee roaster pot to melt the wax, and added some crayons for color (which didn’t work very well).

Josh walked in and said “It smells like Christmas in here!”

Precisely, my dear, precisely.

Sayonara, Bath & Bodyworks.

3 Responses to “Candlestick maker”

  1. debbie swickard Says:

    There is nothing you can’t do! Happy Thanksgiving, sweetheart.

  2. Amy Says:

    “self-sufficientize”- I like your word! : D

  3. Mrs. Brent Parker Says:

    I might give this candle thing a try, it looks very easy.

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