New traditions

Howdy folks! Apologies about the delay in posts – we were out of state for Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

I really wanted to make an advent calendar for SofĂ­a this year. When I was growing up we always did those store-bought ones with chocolate inside the windows that you hunt for and open – and I loved them! But it occurred to me that if I make my own little windows/boxes/pockets, I can fill them with whatever I want – treats, ornaments, crafts, and yes, candy too.

I Googled around for homemade advent calendars and found several super-cute ones, including my two favorites:

From, and

From A Feathered Nest.

But both are pretty time-consuming. I have no doubt that I would love the unrivaled darlingness of the tedious intricate hand-stitching forever and ever, but… it’s a little bit late to be thinking of starting that sort of project now (um, see date). Besides, I already had exactly 24 tea-tins saved down in the basement.

I was going to use them for sorting screws, but they’d probably work here too. And come on, there are exactly 24 of them. It’s meant to be.

So maybe if I drilled a hole in the tops for ribbons and sprayed paint over the logos…

And dressed up the sides with a little paper, some ModPodge and some decorations…

We might still get a workable Advent calendar this year.

I have in mind a sort of hanging calendar, where each box is hung up by its ribbon on some sort of tree (or maybe just a bouquet of naked winter branches brought in from outside) as its date is reached and its treasures are divulged.

I hope it all works as planned! If not, I’ll go back to my original plan and use the tea-tins as Christmas-themed screw bins.

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