Just in time for the Advent

The boxes are finished and the Adventing has begun. I brought in an 8-foot tree branch (it had fallen in the recent rainstorm) to act as our advent tree. It looks great in the kitchen but it sheds loose bark like crazy.

Today after SofĂ­a helped me me fill each box with a single piece of leftover Halloween candy, I left her alone while I went out in the rain to cover our firewood. While I was gone she climbed up on the table and ate about six days’ worth at once, including at least a couple Hershey’s kisses. When I found her, she had four lollipops jammed in her mouth at once. She threw them on the floor before I said a single word and fled sobbing into the living room to throw an epic tantrum, shouting “No Mommy don’t get me Mommy that is bad candy No!”

Maybe a little candy every day isn’t such a good idea after all.

2 Responses to “Just in time for the Advent”

  1. Lindsay McFadden Says:

    I just read this to Titus… he is cracking up laughing. He said, “Sofia is so funny!”

  2. heidi Says:

    You are so talented.I would never have thought about tea tins for and advent calendar.
    Maybe instead of candy, dimes she could save and use to pay for something she wants…if you can find something for $2.40.Have her put them into a paper “sleeve” so she can see and count them as they grow throughout Advent.
    And she won’t like eating them.

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