WARNING: Contains spoilers!

I read the entire 800 page book in 7 hours today. Whew. (It will probably only take Josh 5 or so… oh well).

Anyway. I totally rock. I was right about every single point I had predicted, and even one or two that I had kept to myself (for example, that Rowling would make Dumbledore “come back” but not really, since to do so would be to lower him to Voldemort’s level – a discussion which they have point blank at the end of the book).

Now if only I can apply these powers of prognostication to the stock market.

One Response to “WARNING: Contains spoilers!”

  1. Katie Says:

    Hey Diana,

    Thought I’d log onto your blog and see what’s up. No shame in being an adult and devouring the Harry Potter series…I did. Many did. I saw a dude (adult) striding down the street in SF the other day, paying no attention to where he was going because he was holding the last book out in front of him, reading the last few pages.

    Interesting predictions; I suspected the Horcrux one myself. I loved the series, for the most part. But I think it would have been fine without the schmaltzy-ass epilogue. I HATED the epilogue. Epilogue can die and go to hell. And I still believe it would have been SO MUCH COOLER if Harry and Voldemort had to die, simultaneously, to cancel out all the Horcruxes.

    But oh well, legions of people would not have loved it, would they, had that happened…?! J. K. Rowling is a coward. Sorry, venting, but that Epilogue really pissed me off…


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