First Bounty.

Here’s what I got from the Patch on Sunday: two giant Pattypan squash, basil, dill, some Egyptian onions (small but oh, so potent!) and a sackful of Dragon’s Tongue wax beans. It was such a good dinner – salmon with a sauce made from the dill and onions, and the squash sauteed with the minced onions, handfuls of torn fresh basil tossed in at the last moment. Tomorrow we’ll have the beans with some roasted pork tenderloin; I like to fry them till they’re tender-crisp, then toss them in viniagrette and serve them chilled.

Mmmmm.  I think even Josh is starting to think that the garden is worth it now. -grin-

One Response to “First Bounty.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you rock, girl—
    you know what they say “way to man’s heart is through his stomach…
    when’s dinner?????

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