Ice wreath

Browsing through my binder of magazine clippings early this month, I came across an old Martha Stewart article on making ice wreaths. It seemed like the perfect craft; very kid-friendly and costing nearly nothing.

We made several using different materials in each: cranberries, pine cones, popcorn, bay leaves, and evergreen foliage. I hung them from the dogwood in the center of our lawn because I was afraid that if I hung them near the windows the wind might knock them against the glass.

My new (to me) bundt pan was just perfect, though I also successfully used a round cake pan with an upturned water glass in the middle for the hole.

The daytime temperatures have been obligingly hovering near freezing for a week or so now, so these are lasting a good long time.

One Response to “Ice wreath”

  1. Rose Says:

    So cool! (haha) Seriously, I love these and I hope I can make these with my little guy!

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