New Patch Pics!

Josh and I went to the Patch to take pictures yesterday. The weather has been so bright and sunny and warm that it’s hard to believe that there will most likely be several more freezes before winter is over; it’s only March, after all. I gathered up about a dozen daffodils to make a centerpiece for the special dinner we had with friends: enchiladas, plátanos fritos, frijoles revueltos, tortillas hechas a mano, y flanes! They look so pretty and fresh sitting in a little bouquet in an old-fashioned cherry juice jar.The rest of the pictures are here.

My potatoes are just rarin’ to go, shooting out buds everywhere: and of course I haven’t prepared the beds yet. (Story of my garden life! -laugh-) The potatoes I ordered from Seed Savers have budded in just a few days, and have already caught up to the potatoes I bought at the grocery store. My guess is that those grocery-store potatoes might have been treated with something to retard budding, so they’d last longer on the shelves; they do it with garlic and onions, after all.

Which reminds me, a fellow gardener just gave me a whole pot full of Egyptian Walking Onion sets; I planted a few of them (i just don’t have that much room!) and now I get to cancel my order (and save $10 yay!) with Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

Less happily, none of my peas have shown any signs of life. I think I killed them all. :(

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