Cabinet updo

When years from now we remodel our kitchen, I want to replace many of our upper cabinet doors with glass ones – many-paned, bubbly, antiquey glass ones. (Perhaps if I learn to use my router soon, I can make the doors myself.)  But in the mean time, I’ll settle for just taking some of my doors off their hinges – but that means the cabinet contents have to be prettified.

Voila my new flour and sugar canisters.

Yay for after-Christmas sales!

The next frugal kitchen updo I’m planning is to spray-paint the tile backsplashes – out with prim random flowers and in with bold vibrant color! … Well, as soon as I can figure out a color scheme, that is. I keep vacillating between a muted yellow, or a tomato red, or a brilliant deep teal. I’m planning on painting the grout lines with olive oil or vaseline to keep them clear of paint – I have no idea whether that will work, but we’ll see!

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  1. Meow Says:

    Ooooooh. I’ve never experienced “canister envy” before. It’s a new and strange sensation.

    Beware the spray paint! (It can turn out VERY lovely… but….) Cover everything NOT to be spray-painted extra well.
    I had spray painted a bathroom wall burgundy, through pinned-up lace, with a cream background (looked amazing), and I *thought* I had covered all non-spary surfaces well enough with paper or plastic. Wow. Pinkish tub. Pinkish floor (which I replaced within days anyway) but what blew my mind most….. I had COVERED the bathroom sink/counter. Under the sink, behind doors and under newspaper…. everything that was under that closed off sink, had pink mist on it. When I took out the bottles of conditioner or cleaner, there were little clean circles where they had been sitting. HOW DID THE SPRAY MIST GET UNDER THERE!!!!
    You have far more creative talent than I, so I’m sure you already know- beware the inside spray-paint.

    And why are your electrical sockets upside down?

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