Hope for the New Year

To me nothing is as emblematic of hope for the new year as placing the annual plant order. I wonder whether seed companies pore over their customers’ orders like augurors – that little packet of moonflower seeds means someone is dreaming of scented nights, those heritage peppers are full of someone’s wishes for brilliant summer salads, that bag of bulbs mean someone is eager for swathes of blossoms in the spring. An order of perennials is an optimistic investment in the future – you won’t see any asparagus from those crowns for three years, or any apples from that tree for about five.

I just placed my perennials order at Rolling River Nursery* and these are my dreams: elderberry jam, a flourishing raspberry patch (six canes of 3 varieties), nuts from my own little filbert bush, basket willows to plant in the marshy areas for eventual basketmaking, wine and grape juice in a few years (two zinfandels and a concord vine), homegrown lemonade (a meyer lemon that will overwinter in our sunporch), the ability to supplement my own chicken feed (a comfrey plant).

I forgot to get a little olive tree & some thornless blackberries, and the almond I wanted was sold out. I think the plants I ordered are enough for now, though, so maybe these forgotten ones will go on the wishlist I’m already forming for next year.

*  Rolling River is all the way across the country, but the superlative quality of their stock means I’ll never go back to those bigger companies again. I mean which has a bigger carbon footprint, the peach seedling shipped once from California to the East Coast, or the one from Michigan which must be returned and reshipped because the roots were moldy and the thing obviously long dead?

2 Responses to “Hope for the New Year”

  1. Sam Says:

    It feels too rainy here to get excited about planting yet, but your post makes me start thinking in that direction.

  2. diana Says:

    Ugh it is set to snow for the next three days – I’ll need plenty of garden porn to get me through it. Sam, did you get my latest comment about the bad grandma? Blogger got in a funk and I don’t think it ever got through. :(

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