Little chef

On a whim I got Sofía a set of metal mini-cookware for Christmas – a pot with lid, saucepan, metal whisk, oven mitts, wooden spoon and baster brush. I’m so glad I got it because it seems to be her favorite present. She’s always filling the pots with toys and magnets and things and cooking on her “stove” which we made together.  (We took a handled box and mod-podged it with a brown paper cover & two black-paper-circle-and-red-yarn-spiral “burners”, plus four white round cabinet knobs from the basement, marked to look like oven knobs – they really turn! And now when she’s not using her cooking tools she has a box to store them in.)

Beating eggs with my big whisk – she always helps me mix ingredients and has a very good attention span.

So yesterday she walked into the kitchen carefully holding a memory card inside her little metal frying pan. “Here Mama,” she said, “I brought you some dinner.” I looked down; the memory card had a little bird on it. I asked what she had made for dinner. “It’s fried chicken, Mama! I fried it for you!” We ate it together with great gusto.

I bet if I play my cards right, she really will be cooking dinner for me soon.

3 Responses to “Little chef”

  1. Erin Says:

    Kids are amazing! I was cooking for the whole family early and expect my kids will too. Nate can cook eggs, potatoes, steamed veggies and toast without any help. Every so often I give him a “cooking lesson”, taking a easy family favorite meal, making him read each ingredient, get out the equipment, I coach, he cooks. Train um early, they have fun and earn their keep;)

  2. heidi Says:

    so sweet. keep going with the helping in the kitchen thing. it is so much more than learning to cook: it’s creativity, following directions, learning about ingredients and how they go together, learning math (through measuring), learning that you have to “work” to get something good (dinner,things don’t just magically appear on the table), and creating lots of good mother daughter, (father daughter when Josh grills) warm memories.

  3. debbie swickard Says:

    I second that message from Heidi!

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