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Cold season is in full swing, and poor Josh and Sofía have been sick on and off for about three weeks now. (I seem fairly unaffected, though my nose is stuffy today!) It’s hard especially for poor Sofía, who’s not allowed to go to playgroups if she’s been sick – so we’ve been doing a lot of projects and crafts at home lately. (I miss my friends, but I know I wouldn’t want them to bring a sick kid to “share” with me either!)

Yesterday we did a craft that would help Sofía and Josh feel better. After gathering the eggs, we harvested a few leaves of mullein and went inside to make cough drops.

Sofía filled a mason jar with chamomile, ginger, and chopped mullein to make a tea.

After steeping for a few hours we strained it. We only needed 1 cup of liquid for the cough drops, so we drank the rest as tea. Mullein has a strange, grassy flavor, and I don’t think I’m a fan – but luckily it’s completely undetectable in the finished drops.

To the one cup of liquid I added 1/2 cup sugar and 1/3 cup honey and brought it to a simmer over medium-low. It took about half an hour to get to 260F. I had wanted it to get to 280/300F, but the delicate honey was starting to scorch.

I used the rounded ends of a can opener handle to make firm divots in a pan of powdered sugar:

And then poured in the hot syrup, tablespoon by tablespoon. (Of course Sofia didn’t participate in this part).

A few hours later, they had hardened enough to put in a jar!

They taste like little ginger-honey drops – they are absolutely delicious! (And it’s not often I say that about stuff I make myself.) Because I used honey instead of corn syrup they’re more chewy than hard, but that’s just fine. I could see these being a perfect remedy for morning sickness too.

(I’ve been kicking myself because the last time I was at Goodwill I passed up a beautiful small glass apothecary jar because I couldn’t think of a good use for it… it’d be perfect for these, as we will be making lots more!)

3 Responses to “Home pharmacy”

  1. Heidi Says:

    wow, how do you find these recipes?
    hope Sofia likes them, Josh too.
    (Do they work??????)

  2. diana Says:

    I think they work as well as any organic cough drop might! It soothed my sore throat pretty immediately, but didn’t cure it. Still, I’m over my almost-cold already while Josh and Sofía are still fighting theirs, so maybe they’re more effective than I give them credit for!

    The only thing is that maybe next time I’ll prolly include some corn syrup after all (though the honey flavor is *wonderful!*) because a day later they are starting to lose their form and “ooze” into each other. They’re gooier than I thought! :(

  3. heidi Says:

    Try a salt-water gargle for sore throat,gargle then spit it out. Worked on a sore gum after dentistry…recommended by Dr. Higgenbotham!

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