Future flowery forage

Yay! The bee-friendly flower mixture that I coveted is back in stock at John Scheeper’s Kitchen Garden Seeds.

I’ve talked before about what I should do with the Swamp Bottom area. To cultivate, or not to cultivate? I should probably leave it fallow, but don’t want to “waste” the space on crops that won’t feed us. (I have a problem with decisions.)

Well, I figured out a solution! I’ll sow that whole area as a wildflower meadow filled specifically with flowers that honeybees crave. Then I will be leaving the area untilled and fallow all year like I really should to help build up topsoil and fertility, AND it will still be producing food for us in the form of my bees’ wildflower honey!

While this seed mix is listed as a “Bumblebee” habitat garden, the flowers it contains should provide plenty of pollen and nectar to my honeybees as well: asters, coreopsist, borage, cosmos, echinacea, poppies, bee-balm, catmint, black-eyed susans, and Mexican sunflowers. I’ll mix that up with a generous helping of buckwheat, clover and vetch for soil improvement, and I can have my honey cake and eat it too!

I’m so very glad it came back in stock at John Scheeper’s. I really trust them. There were other bee-flower mixes out there, but I’d never heard of the companies selling them. Think about it – when attention to detail in seed storage can make or break the fertility of your product, a reputation for quality in the seed industry matters a whole lot.

A 1/4-pound packet will sow 1,000 sf which is exactly the amount I need. Plenty for a lovely meadow and lots of room leftover for a few beds of my beer barley and bread wheat.

Oh, bees, I can’t wait til you see what I’ve planted for you.

4 Responses to “Future flowery forage”

  1. Mrs. Brent Parker Says:

    My SIL is going to take a 6 week bee keeping class in Montgomery county. I told her you had bees right around the corner from me and that I was sure you would be happy to show them off come spring.

  2. diana Says:

    Sure! I’d welcome her expertise because I’m no expert! Tell her to come over after her class so I can pick her brain. :)

  3. Mrs. Brent Parker Says:

    Do you want to take the class? I can find out when and where. I know the cost is $60 for 6 classes.

  4. diana Says:

    Hi! Well that seems inexpensive and I will certainly think about it! But for now at least – with one year of beekeeping and a few how-to books under my belt – I’m just going to focus on attending local beekeeper’s meetings. I have a good friend who is a professional beekeeper and I turn to him for help. :)

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