This post made possible by the parents of me

Our new woodstove was installed today!

Yes, we went ahead and bought a woodstove insert. When we got our chimney cleaned for the first time this year, it turned out it was badly cracked and needed about $5000 worth of work done to it. We already knew that our fireplace didn’t put out a whole lot of heat; you could sit right in front of it and not get very warm, and it went through crazy amounts of logs like nobody’s business.

For a while we didn’t mind, because of course we have lots of wood to burn, having cleared the land earlier this year. And besides, I enjoyed making lots and lots of organic ash because I’ll need it for liming the garden in the springtime!

Whee burninations! Four logs in one! (This was so big I could barely carry it. It burned about two hours and then we needed more).

The fireplace also came in really, really handy when we were snowed in for four days and powerless for some of that. (See the pots in there? Blackberry cornbread and beans-n-weenies. Old-school.)

Still, every time we lit a fire I worried we’d burn down the house. And the repair estimate equalled the cost of a brand-new woodstove including installation! So combine that with 2010’s $1500 tax break for buying a woodstove and a generous and timely gift from my parents (hence the post’s title), it was a done deal. We went, we signed, we only had to wait to get it installed.

Originally I’d set my eye on a freestanding unit that would stand out on the hearth – an old-fashioned-looking stove that I could cook on if I had to and that would radiate from all sides. But there was simply no elegant way to make that work with our architecture – trust me, we tried and under the time constraint/local fire codes it was just not going to happen. So we went with the only fireplace insert that would fit our odd fireplace. (In the end I’m ok with an insert, as the freestanding combo might have looked strange. And then I’d also have to worry about cats and toddlers crawling behind the stove into the old fireplace? No thank you.)

Voila fireplace makeover.

You can’t see it here, but we had to remove the mantel per fire codes. So now we have a naked brick face. What to do with it? Hm.

I am so loving this insert!

In three hours it’s gone through the same amount of kindling that would have disappeared in 30 minutes in the fireplace, and it’s kept up a consistent heat output. Burninating the fireplace all day never raised the temps in here above 69, but this woodstove got the temperature up to 75 in just a few hours! Pretty darn cool, especially when you consider the miniscule wood input. I bet once all our free cleared wood has been used up/rotted away and we have to buy/gather wood, I will ADORE this stove’s efficiency.

So thank you, parents of me, for warming my perennially cold feet. I will try to reward you with more frequent pictures of your granddaughter. :)

4 Responses to “This post made possible by the parents of me”

  1. Rose Says:

    OMG it is beautiful!!!

  2. debbie swickard Says:

    Wow! Now you have me thinking that I want one, too!!!

    But I’m curious — how did buying an insert keep you from having to fix the chimney anyway? Doesn’t the insert still use the chimney? I’m totally confused…

  3. diana Says:

    Hey Debbie! The inserts actually use a 6″ pipe with insulation and everything, like their own little chimney. So you don’t have to fix the chimney, you just use it as a chute for the smaller pipe. :)

  4. Aunt Nancy Says:

    That looks REALLY nice! Glad it also warms your tootsies!

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