Lip Balm.

I got my latest package from Majestic Mountain Sage today, which included cocoa butter and lip balm tubes, among other goodies. And I chose to make this recipe, delighted by the fact that for the very first time I had every ingredient it called for: beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, vitamin E, and peppermint essential oil. I also added aloe oil and raspberry seed oil (a natural SPF).

The hardest part was carefully dripping the hot liquid oils into the lip balm tubes, and especially holding my breath as the surface tension trembled while I mounded it up, drop by drop, a little bit over the top of the tube. :) It’s really the easiest recipe I’ve ever done – just melt-and-pour.

It’s got a lovely smell, peppermint-candy-like, and just enough to make your lips feel cool (and tingly if you put on too much). It has the same problem as my lotions, though; it’s oily. Shine isn’t a problem here – it’s a lip gloss and lip balm rolled into one! – but I know my husband won’t use it. Oh well, I’ll just give tubes away to all my girlfriends instead – who would say no to free, all-natural lip gloss?

And once those are gone, and I’ve gotten in another order of lip balm tubes, I’ll make the recipe again with twice the beeswax. I also might try it simply using the new beeswax I got from Majestic Mountain: right now I’m using some suspiciously white and non-beeswax-smelling stuff from Michael’s that I’ve begun to suspect may actually be mostly paraffin (!), which – if it’s true – may account for the reason that things have been coming out softer than they should. But the experimentation is most of the fun for me, so I look forward to trying all kinds of different variations!

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